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Latest Videos & Stories

No Plastic Pledge

John Izzo, author of Stepping Up, got so inspired by the stories of others, he too stepped up to do something that he is passionate about. Join John to help save our oceans. Take the No Plastic Pledge...

Dolphin Rescue

Stepping up means helping our non-human friends too. Watch this incredible example of spontaneous teamwork to free a stranded pod of dolphins.

Stop Kony!

Let's all step up and spread the word to stop Kony and save the children. It's time for a paradigm shift. The power to effect change is in our hands. A must watch!

Singing Contributes to Your Wellbeing

Sing for Your Life is a new non-profit based in Kelowna, BC. It provides participatory singing and music playing opportunities for elders who are aging-in-place.

NO BULL Challenge

Bestselling author Shawn Edgington is using the power of social networking to inspire 25 million teens to build each other up instead of tearing each other down.